Podere Pescia in the green

Podere Pescia is situated in a natural environment offering visitors a variety of colours, perfumes and feelings season after season.

This estate is located in the countryside around lake Trasimeno at a few miles’ distance from Castiglione del Lago.

Its amenities include an ample and well-groomed garden with a swimming pool and a number of pergolas and verandas.

Podere Pescia is named after a nearby brook renown in the past for having such a high number of fish that they could even be caught by hand.

The complex has been accurately and gently restored. Giancarlo, the owner of Podere Pescia is a professional restorer of old mansions and a few of his ‘accomplishments’ were published in specialised Italian and UK magazines.

His wife Ursula took up the interior decoration and created warm and comfy environments, with sumptuous hangings and other furnishing elements that she brought from her native Poland. A family-life experience is ensured to all guests


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