The Tulip Festival – Castiglione del Lago

The Tulip Festival -Dal 06/04/2016 Al 10/04/2016 – Castiglione del Lago

The event features an opening-day parade of allegorical floats decorated with thousands of colourful tulips by the five neighborhoods.  Around town the tavernasopen their doors and the streets are enlivened with local street actors playing ancient games in vintage costumes. Tulip Palio.



Spring Meeting 2016

This annual meeting at the Castiglione del Lago airport features some 1.500 light aircraft and attracts a wide range of visitors enamored of flight in its many forms.  There will be some 100 stands offering all sorts of products and equipment for flying, an air show including  aerial acrobatics and many aircraft on the ground to see from up close. Visitors, even those who have never flown before, can also climb in a plane and enjoy a fligh



Festival of kites to Lake Trasimeno

At Castiglione del Lago, on the 1st of May weekend in 1984, hundreds of kite enthusiasts gathered from around the world to “paint the sky” and an event was born. Every year at the same time thousands of kites and hot-air balloons fly high in the sky in a spectacular show of colours and shapes, all framed by the beauty of the surrounding landscape and imbued with the traditional values of the land.



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